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About  Us

Hello, we are Lisa’s Kettle Corn. We are based out of Sumner County, TN where we live.


Our Story

We were established the summer of 2010 on the premise of starting a small business for us and in return making the best Kettle Corn and pleasing our customers as humanly possible.


The story is pretty plain and clear. As many families, we were touched by Breast Cancer in 2008. After things went from very scary, to me recovering from multiple surgeries, we started thinking of things we could do as a family. We wanted to be a symbol of the” good American family,” doing things together, and in return, touching other families with a fun whole grain snack. In our travels we have met so many people who share our love of Kettle Corn, and who share our interest of talking about Breast Cancer and encouraging ones who are touched by this disease.


My name is Lisa Crandell. Along with my husband Ron and 6 year old son, Matthew, we started traveling around on weekends with our concession trailer, which houses our 132 quart kettle, to see what festivals and venues there were out there to explore. We also started looking at our competitors and bought every different Kettle Corn we could find. We wanted to sample, compare, and see if we were hitting the mark, making the best there was and making it as “healthy” of a snack as we could. Yes
it has sugar, but it is a natural ingredient, and it is also a whole grain. We use corn oil, after many tries at other oils, to bring out the already sweet taste of the natural corn. Then we decided to use Sea Salt; of course as a better alternative than iodized salts.


Now, after a decade, we are a successful family business with our now 16 year old son, and we still love it just as much as we did day one. While our menu has greatly expanded, from adding hamburgers and hot dogs, to funnel cakes and deep fried oreos, we are still the same family who loves to service the people. With a new trailer we like to call “Big Red,” we can not wait to see what awaits us next.

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